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Team Syme - Steckler

Industry longevity. Western Canada experts. Invested personally.

When Team Syme - Steckler began ten years ago, it was a new but welcome presence in Vancouver real estate financing. With a philosophy that emphasizes trust building, enduring relationships and personal investment, Team Syme - Steckler is now a fixture in Western Canada real estate and a go-to for construction financing expertise. The team has grown to include two senior financing specialists and three dedicated analysts – collectively bringing diverse industry experience as well as the perspective that comes from longevity in an industry that has seen its share of ebbs and flows. Russ, Paul, Laura, Zach and Alison share similar values and invest personally in each deal and client relationship. When building relationships, the team believes in finding commonality and connection, delivering what’s promised, offering solution options and collaborating productively. With a strong foundation of trust and friendship, clients gain confidence from knowing that they have a partner that celebrates successes but also stands firm and tackles challenges head on. 

Russell B. Syme
Russell B. Syme Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
russell.syme@firstnational.ca 778.327.5712
Paul Steckler
Paul Steckler Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
paul.steckler@firstnational.ca 403.861.0797
Laura Evans
Laura Evans Senior Analyst, Commercial Financing
laura.evans@firstnational.ca 604.317.5872
Alison Afaganis
Alison Afaganis Senior Analyst, Commercial Financing
Alison.Afaganis@firstnational.ca 403.617.9068
Zachary  Vanier
Zachary Vanier Analyst, Commercial Financing
zachary.vanier@firstnational.ca 604.488-5455