KEEPING YOU INFORMED: COVID-19 information for residential customers & commercial borrowers

Our residential call centre is experiencing higher than normal wait times.

If you are a residential customer experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 and need to request a mortgage payment deferral, please submit a payment deferral request through My Mortgage.

If you are a commercial borrower experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, please email our Payments team at

Be assured that we are committed to getting back to all of you who have contacted us.

Your patience is appreciated, and we thank you for your understanding.


Buying your next home

Take your First National mortgage with you when you buy a new home

A second home can be even more exciting than the first because you’re realizing new and different dreams – more space, a new area, an expanded family. If you already have a First National mortgage for your current home, you can continue to experience the same great service, features and benefits by porting your mortgage when you move.

Keep your rate

If you have a great rate with your current mortgage, it is possible to keep that rate and potentially save significantly on interest costs if rates go up.

Adjust your mortgage

If you need to adjust your mortgage amount to suit the financial requirements of your new home, we can work with you to alter your mortgage amount.

Avoid prepayment charges

Porting or having someone assume your mortgage means that you don’t have to break your mortgage early, which can possibly help you avoid potential penalties.

Keep it simple

Switching your mortgage can be time consuming and complex. When you port, you have the same mortgage, with the same features, advantages, service and support you’ve come to expect from First National.

Assuming a mortgage

Buyers interested in your current home have the option of assuming your mortgage. Your current rate can act as additional advantage and selling feature for your home. Potential buyers must qualify with First National before taking over the mortgage.

Pay down your mortgage more quickly

You have several options that you can use to become mortgage free faster and save on interest costs.

  • Annual 15% lump sum payment
  • Annual 15% payment increase (for fixed rate mortgages only)
  • Double up payments

Learn more about prepayment privileges and how and when you can exercise them.

Questions about porting or assumption?

Contact us through My Mortgage or call 1.888.670.2111.

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