More than a lender

What do we mean when we say that we are more than a lender? We strive for true collaboration -- going beyond a transaction mindset to supporting visions and building businesses. We ask a lot of questions. We learn your property and your portfolio. We invest time and effort in assisting you with your financing and stewarding your growth. It’s about taking an advisory role, so we can provide the right money, for the right property, at the right time.

Get to know our business
At First National, we believe that true relationship means going beyond just closing transactions to supporting visions and building businesses. 

Our commercial mortgage teams

At First National, we approach what we do from the people perspective. We’re not just lenders. We’re passionate about the business of commercial real estate and our clients, the people who drive it. 

Market Insights

First National's Andrew Masliwec, Analyst, Capital Markets, provides updates and insights about the current market.



Resource and insights

Original perspectives and personal viewpoints on developments and industry trends.

Recent Financings

Leveraging our CMHC expertise, broad product portfolio, diverse specialists and responsiveness, we’ve blazed trails in financing new rental construction, general construction and burgeoning real estate businesses. 

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