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Committees and Policies

The Board of Directors has created an Audit Committee and a Governance Committee to further the effective functioning of First National's corporate governance strategy.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Management of the relationship with the external auditor including the oversight and supervision of the audit of First National's financial statements;
  • Oversight and supervision of the quality and integrity of First National's financial statements, and;
  • Oversight and supervision of the adequacy of the First National's internal accounting controls and procedures, as well as its financial reporting practices.

The Audit Committee consists of three independent directors, all of whom are considered financially literate for the purposes of the Canadian Securities Administrators' Multilateral Instrument 52-110 – Audit Committees. 

Committee Members: John Brough (Chair), Robert Mitchell and Robert Pearce.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Periodically assessing and making recommendations on First National's approach to goverance issues
  • Assisting in the development of governance policies, practices and procedures for approval by the Board
  • Review of conflicts of interest and transactions involving related paraties of First National
  • Periodically reviewing the effectiveness of the Board

The Governance Committee consists of three directors, all of whom are independent for the purposes of the Canadian Securities Administrators' Multilateral Instrument 58-101 – Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices. 

Committee Members: Barbara Palk (chair), Duncan Jackman and Robert Pearce.

The Board has also adopted several policies which reflect best practices in governance and disclosure. These include a Disclosure Policy, a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct , a Whistleblower Policy and an Insider Trading Policy.