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Team Peter Cook

Encouraging innovation. Driving impact. Nurturing relationships.

As a team, we are always innovating to consistently deliver unexpected value and excellence to our clients.  We innovate within a structure of priorities and process, which creates openness and a high level of efficiency. We relish challenges, emphasize quality over quantity and communicate candidly. 

Our team meets weekly to explore strategies that can impact our clients’ experiences, portfolio growth and business results. We learn from each other about how we’ve delivered value and empowered our clients. 

We believe in providing a high level of excellence, nurturing deep client relationships and partnering for long-term success.

Peter Cook
Peter Cook Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
Peter.Cook@firstnational.ca 416.593.2913
Robert  Fleet
Robert Fleet Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
robert.fleet@firstnational.ca 905.301.3449
Evan Pawliuk
Evan Pawliuk Director, Commercial Financing
Evan.Pawliuk@firstnational.ca 416.597.7687
Daniel Bragagnolo
Daniel Bragagnolo Director, Commercial Financing
daniel.bragagnolo@firstnational.ca 416.597.5460
Andrew  Brickley
Andrew Brickley Director, Commercial Financing
Andrew.Brickley@firstnational.ca 613.759.2085
Reed Bracken
Reed Bracken Director, Commercial Financing
Reed.Bracken@firstnational.ca 416.593.2464
Patricia Alvaro
Patricia Alvaro Senior Manager, Commercial Mortgages
patricia.alvaro@firstnational.ca 416.593.2924
Adel Elsayed
Adel Elsayed Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
adel.elsayed@firstnational.ca 416.597.6413
Adriana  Palazzolo
Adriana Palazzolo Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
Adriana.Palazzolo@firstnational.ca 416.593.3053
Adam Weinbaum
Adam Weinbaum Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
Adam.Weinbaum@firstnational.ca 416.597.6116