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Team Kadoch

Curious. Attentive. Motivated.

Yohan has recently joined the First National team, bringing 10 years of experience in both residential and commercial mortgage financing. In his previous commercial role, he focused primarily on office, retail, shopping centres and industrial assets, which helped him develop a deep expertise in lease analysis and diverse cash flow analysis.

For Yohan, adding value means tapping his own wealth of precedents developed from vast exposure to different asset classes and scenarios. He believes that solid, productive relationships stem from a commitment to honesty and integrity. Naturally attentive, he focuses on exploring opportunities with his clients, advising on project approaches and making recommendations based on what he’s seen done. With a give and take mentality, Yohan’s professional relationships with clients often evolve organically into friendships based on the nature of their conversations and interactions.

Commercial real estate has always intrigued Yohan. And throughout his career so far, his curiosity and drive to learn have motivated him. He joined First National with a desire to diversify his expertise even further by leveraging the broad product line to service all of his clients’ needs. He also appreciates the balance between entrepreneurialism and structure, seeing First National as the perfect fit to enable his continued growth.

Working at First National, Yohan is excited to build his business within the growing First National business. The entrepreneurial nature of First National’s culture really appeals to him, resonates with his career aspirations and reignites his true passions – being able to be out there meeting people, having conversations and driving business.


Yohan Kadoch
Yohan Kadoch Director, Commercial Financing
Yohan.Kadoch@firstnational.ca 514.499.7905
Kenny Rawlins
Kenny Rawlins Analyst, Commercial Financing
Kenny.Rawlins@firstnational.ca 514.499.7952