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Team Barker

Outcome focused. Energetic passion. Relentless perseverance.

As a team, we’ve seen turbulent times but have always endured. We pride ourselves on our perseverance, never wavering from our commitment to get deals done right and fast. Our laser focus on outcomes has driven us to build a highly functioning machine, so execution happens seamlessly in the background without the complication of process. While we are action oriented, we also delve deep. We bring a personal touch, deep knowledge of properties and a true passion for real estate. Working with our team, clients get the right balance of adrenaline combined with passion and big picture thinking combined with a focus on intricacies. 

Troy Barker
Troy Barker Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
troy.barker@firstnational.ca 587.233.1282
Penny Aynbinder
Penny Aynbinder Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
penny.aynbinder@firstnational.ca 403.509.0906
Michael  Shegda
Michael Shegda Senior Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
michael.shegda@firstnational.ca 403.513.0239