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Team Comeau

Service obsessed. Eastern Canada experts. Genuinely invested.

Jody Comeau spends the majority of his days on the road, meeting with new and existing clients and constantly learning about their lives, strategies, plans and goals. When opportunities surface and evolve into deals, the analyst team of Lisa and Jen mobilize to establish the parameters of what’s possible, assemble an effective package and execute on the details. While each one of them brings individual strengths to the team, their skill sets complement one another well and contribute to the team’s overall success. There are no heroes or superstars -- each and every deal is a true team effort and constant collaboration, both within the team and with clients. Service is most certainly the foundational philosophy of Team Comeau’s approach. It’s a core value and daily call to action. For Team Comeau, wowing clients is the service standard – whether it’s the creativity in solutions, the thoroughness of CMHC packages, the depth of discovery at the outset or the efficiency and speed of response. Every action that the team undertakes, every interaction, every text, handwritten card and gift on closing has a purpose – to show clients that they are genuinely appreciated, deeply respected and highly valued. 

Jody Comeau
Jody Comeau Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
jody.comeau@firstnational.ca 902.222.2236
Lisa McFarlane
Lisa McFarlane Senior Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
lisa.mcfarlane@firstnational.ca 902.293.7192
Jennifer Horne
Jennifer Horne Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
jennifer.horne@firstnational.ca 902.405.4651