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Team Gidney and Barda

Action and strategy. Charisma and resourcefulness. Intensity and stealth.

As a team, we thrive on challenge. The bigger the challenge, the deeper our passion. We relish the complicated deals that require expertise, ingenuity and inventiveness. Barry Gidney is a relentless connector, always proactively reaching out and looking to make deals happen for clients. He personifies energy, drive and originality and harnesses those qualities to benefit his clients. As a property owner, he brings a unique perspective to client relationships and has a commonality of experience that makes a difference.  Ilan Barda is an advisor and a relentless decipherer, finding solutions to tough situations that elude others.  He proactively establishes relationships, developing a deep understanding of his clients’ needs to deliver unique strategies to maximize value for his clients. Together, Barry and Ilan bring a unique combination of boldness and vision, action and strategy, charisma and resourcefulness. It’s that textured balance that enables them to go deep with clients and get deals done right. 


Barry C. Gidney
Barry C. Gidney Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
barry.gidney@firstnational.ca 416.593.2915
Ilan Barda
Ilan Barda Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
ilan.barda@firstnational.ca 416.597.5450
Douglas  Reid
Douglas Reid Manager, Commercial Mortgages
Douglas.Reid@firstnational.ca 416.593.2934
Adam Rogocki
Adam Rogocki Senior Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
Adam.Rogocki@firstnational.ca 416.597.5788
Justin Salomon
Justin Salomon Senior Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
Justin.Salomon@firstnational.ca 416.593.2460
Maksim Stajic-Katic
Maksim Stajic-Katic Senior Analyst, Commercial Financing
Maksim.Stajic-Katic@firstnational.ca 416.204.5660
Ana Kacar
Ana Kacar Senior Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
ana.kacar@firstnational.ca 416.597.7673
Gidu Park
Gidu Park Analyst, Commercial Mortgages
Gidu.Park@firstnational.ca 416.593.3014