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Team Foote

Shared experience. Likeminded executors. Diversified expertise.

Team Foote represents a classic case of déjà vu. Jim Foote’s and Brian Hammond’s careers in the industry have intersected more than once, to great success. And they reunite again at First National. What contributes to this successful collaboration? Jim describes it as a natural coming together, based on past shared experiences in mortgage origination and underwriting. During their careers within different lending environments, Jim and Brian’s perceptions about structuring effective financing have evolved similarly. For them, effectiveness is a combination of insight and analysis, enabling them to quickly identify what is required to meet a client’s individual needs. There is a natural banter, back and forth and idea sharing until they uncover the right answer with the right timing.  

Jim and Brian also have a similar philosophy on getting deals done. At First National, they have the resources they need to execute successfully according to that philosophy. Committed and dedicated, Jim and Brian invest time with clients to understand their businesses. They simplify the complex. And they apply different structures to extract the maximum amount of value. Jim’s and Brian’s diversified expertise, which includes construction, land development, retail and CMHC, has been shaped by the inclination toward ingenuity and the tenacity to take on a challenge. They commit to seeing projects through to completion and take pride in seeing how their collaborations with clients are changing the skylines and cityscapes throughout all of Ontario.



Jim  Foote
Jim Foote Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
Jim.Foote@firstnational.ca 519.630.1394
Brian Hammond
Brian Hammond Senior Manager, Commercial Mortgages
Brian.Hammond@firstnational.ca 416.597.5972