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Team Meynell

Pragmatic. Deliberate. Passionate.

Robert has recently joined the First National team, bringing five years of commercial real estate expertise, with a specialization in multi-family assets. Commercial real estate is a second career for Robert. He started in academia, with a PhD in Political Science, Canadian Politics and Political Philosophy. He taught at universities including Ottawa, Trent and Waterloo and was published in academic journals and the media.

Robert grew up around the real estate business. He developed his real estate instincts during his years in academia, investing in multi-family income properties. From buying, managing and maintenance to repositioning and tenant management, Robert can relate directly to the challenges his clients face and the opportunities they consider.

Robert’s whole life in academia was focused on public service, and that mindset filters into how he does business. He provides service to his clients by advising on how to use financing to create wealth, either identifying investment opportunities or leveraging existing assets. He also taps his analytical and research skills to break down a problem to its core elements to find a solution.

Working at First National, Robert is excited about bringing the potential of the product portfolio to his clients, helping them either manage or grow their portfolios. The social nature of the role also really appeals to him – collaborating with colleagues, meeting new people and exploring what they are doing and how he can be of service. While he appreciates the institutional stability grounding First National, the entrepreneurial culture is what really resonates with him. He is looking forward to being a part of a fast growing, Canadian business success story.


Robert Meynell
Robert Meynell Director, Commercial Financing
Robert.Meynell@firstnational.ca 416.597.4857