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Team Kennedy

Creative connections. Long-term focus. Ethical ambition.

Tim Kennedy operates with one vision, one approach, one goal – only doing what’s absolutely best for every borrower. His focus is to deliver value in three key ways. First, he prides himself on building creative connections. His personal and professional network is strong and diverse, and he is open to putting people in touch to drive the success of a deal. Second, loyalty and long-term relationships are vital to his approach. Taking an empathetic perspective, Tim invests in understanding borrowers’ experiences and walking in their shoes to establish trust and ensure transparency. And finally, he leaves no stone unturned when structuring deals. With combined financing and transactional expertise, Tim offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be resourceful for construction and retail/office/industrial deals. When asked to describe himself, Tim is clear that he’s definitely young, hungry and aggressive, but with a strong moral compass. Determined and committed to investing in the long game, he strives for success, yet his path is paved by ethical ambition and doing the right thing rather than the prosperous thing at all costs.

Tim  Kennedy
Tim Kennedy Assistant Vice President, Commercial Financing
Tim.Kennedy@firstnational.ca 416.597.5274