Recent Financings

Performance supported by smart risk solutions

Client goals guide every successful solution that we deliver. Once our clients articulate their aspirations, we integrate that insight with our product knowledge to innovate for them in the right ways. Our strong, dynamic investor network allows us to do that with precision for every borrower and every property when the risk makes sense. Regardless of the complexity, decisions are quick yet confident, and our cultural commitment to service, execution and accountability fosters ongoing performance and stability.


Our recent financings

  • Published
    Construction financing for new phase of project
    $34 Million

    80 units – Saanich, British Columbia

    • First Mortgage – Condo Construction Financing
    • The project consists of 5 buildings ranging from 4 to 6 storeys
    • 24 months term

  • Published
    Providing construction financing to develop a townhouse complex
    $5 Million

    36 units – Toronto, Ontario

    • Second Mortgage Loan – Construction Facility

    • Loan to value ratio: 54.3%
    • Loan to be funded in multiple advances

  • Published
    Repay debt on the property
    $10 Million

    37 units – West Vancouver, British Columbia

    • 8 storey, 37 unit apartment building, constructed circa 1966
    • Loan to value ratio: 69.9%
    • 10 years term, 35 years amortization